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The Jerk on the Airliner (me)

“Sir, just so you know, I moved your bag to this bin. You had placed it in the flight attendant’s storage area.” “Uh, okay.” I respond back in my half asleep grogginess. Then it dawns on me… wait a minute,

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The Gay Marriage Solution

I remember my wedding day. It was a spiritual day. It was an eternally significant, transcendent day. I arose that day a man with a fiance, and awoke the next forever different, a married man with a wife. At the

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The Great Homosexual Divide with Christianity

I recently linked on my Facebook wall this picture which shows a Christian on the sidelines of a gay pride parade with a sign saying, “I’m sorry how the church has treated you” beside him as he embraces one of

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Someone Believes in Me

God gave me an amazing woman. It takes a special kind of mettle to love a dream-chaser… One of the most endearing of my wife’s many qualities is that she believes in me. She won’t let me settle for less

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The Beauty and Diversity of the Bride of Christ

I was raised in a Southern Baptist church (nothing derogatory intended by pointing that out, just stating a fact). It was very formal and proper. We all kind of looked alike, dressed alike, behaved alike. The church services were absolutely

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Advice On Advice

Brothers and Sisters, Most people in this world do not weigh their big decisions based on “Kingdom” thinking. Please realize this when you are receiving advice or wrestling with a tough decision. I’ve always marveled at how casual acquaintences and

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The Top 10 Reasons I Support the Cross

I’m referring to the Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden in Kerrville, TX. It’s a dramatic 23-acre hilltop sculpture garden being built by a non-profit 501c3, non-denominational, Christian art organization- The Coming King Foundation. I have the honor of serving as

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