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Springfield XDS Review Followup, 7 Months Later

About 7 months ago I posted an initial review of the svelte little .45 from Springfield, the XD-s. As you probably remember I was ooohing and aaaahing about it. Here’s a quick update with some additional useful pieces of information

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Springfield XDS Initial Review

Initial thoughts on the small bulldog-looking slim .45 new from Springfield. (Center) I recently bought an XD-S from an FFL friend of mine sight unseen based on internet reviews and videos of it. I’m considering replacing my wife’s Kahr CW9

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Taurus TCP Review

I bought a Taurus TCP awhile back as a pocket, conceal carry option in the popular .380 caliber. I can’t recommend this gun due to repeated reliability problems. Pro’s: – Great Trigger, long but smooth; much lighter and better than

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Defensive Readiness Scale – Where do you rank?

I’m sure others that have come before me have their own versions of this, but here’s a handy 1-5 scale I made up that will help you honestly evaluate where you’re at when it comes to your readiness to defend

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