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Why All Libertarians Should Be Pro-Life

Would you call yourself a Libertarian? Or if you don’t like that label: Are you in favor of Small Government? Freedom? Liberty? Constitutionalism? If you answered “Yes” to any of the above, great! You should be Pro-Life! I know often the

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Take Personal Responsibility

This is a follow up to my last blog about how to do healthcare yourself. Shortly after I linked it on Facebook, I had a commenter tell me how it’s the Employer’s responsibility to provide healthcare, not theirs. Really? What if you’re

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An Entrepreneur’s How-To Guide to Family Healthcare

Forgive me friends but I need to rant for a second, then I’m going to give some very practical advice. I know way too many people that are around my age, with young families, not on government assistance, employed, but without

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Defensive Readiness Scale – Where do you rank?

I’m sure others that have come before me have their own versions of this, but here’s a handy 1-5 scale I made up that will help you honestly evaluate where you’re at when it comes to your readiness to defend

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Tragic Deaths in America Every Single Day Statistics

It’s easy to watch the hot story of any particular moment of whichever tragedy has captured the media’s spotlight and be misguided into out of proportion emotional responses. I have gathered some statistics to help put things in perspective. TRAGEDY

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Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Mosin-Nagant!

What’s a Mosin Nagant you ask? It’s a huge, old-school bolt-action rifle made by the millions in Russia, WWII Era. Here’s a whole bunch of reasons why I believe you are a stupid person if you don’t buy at least one of them.

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I Hereby Declare Myself Black – Published in American Thinker

Please stop by American Thinker and check out my latest blog, a tongue-in-cheek, humorous look at modern racism that explores the question, “What is Black?” I Hereby Declare Myself Black – by Clint Fiore This was the first essay I’d

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