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Why All Libertarians Should Be Pro-Life

Would you call yourself a Libertarian? Or if you don’t like that label: Are you in favor of Small Government? Freedom? Liberty?┬áConstitutionalism? If you answered “Yes” to any of the above, great! You should be Pro-Life! I know often the

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Decentralization, a Path to Restoration – by Michael Weaver

Decentralization of power is the only way to put in the needed safeguards back that will fully restore the Constitution and this nation back to its greatness. Centralization was pushed after 9/11 as a measure through DHS to keep Americans

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The Gay Marriage Solution

I remember my wedding day. It was a spiritual day. It was an eternally significant, transcendent day. I arose that day a man with a fiance, and awoke the next forever different, a married man with a wife. At the

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Tragic Deaths in America Every Single Day Statistics

It’s easy to watch the hot story of any particular moment of whichever tragedy has captured the media’s spotlight and be misguided into out of proportion emotional responses. I have gathered some statistics to help put things in perspective. TRAGEDY

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I Hereby Declare Myself Black – Published in American Thinker

Please stop by American Thinker and check out my latest blog, a tongue-in-cheek, humorous look at modern racism that explores the question, “What is Black?” I Hereby Declare Myself Black – by Clint Fiore This was the first essay I’d

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What was that dream I had?

Isn’t the goal of race relations for all people to be just seen as “people”, not “_____ people”? Shouldn’t the goal be for the color of our skin to have no bearing whatsoever on how society treats us? Does the

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The Phantom that Holds Our Economy Together

I was hesitant to post this as a blog as this was originally just going to be an email to some of my closer friends and family, but I feel it’s valuable for anyone to look at. You’re all welcome

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