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Someone Believes in Me

God gave me an amazing woman. It takes a special kind of mettle to love a dream-chaser… One of the most endearing of my wife’s many qualities is that she believes in me. She won’t let me settle for less

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Happy Valentine’s Day 2011

For the three beautiful loves of my life: Sophia, My snuggly little chunk of pure goodness… You’ve been such a blessing these last 6 months. You are just healthy, tough, and a joy to take care of. You’re a challenge

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An Epiphany on Eternity

I have been so blessed to be a father for about 445 days now (in a row!). Every single day I have literally been stopped in my tracks by how absolutely beautiful my daughter is. Just when I think she

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My Wedding Vows

This is a day I’ve dreamt of for years.I’ve always loved you, even long before I knew your name.The night I met you my spirit leapt inside of me.I knew right away you were the one I had been waiting

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Melissa’s Wedding Vows

Here’s Melissa’s Vows to me: The first time I saw you I knew you were something totally different. That same night my spirit fell in love with you. It was as if it was reunited with a long lost friend.

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