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2013 Personal Goals- 6 Month Checkup

Here’s a quick update on the 9 personal goals I’m tracking with my Bean iPhone App. This screenshot was taken late at night June 30th, exactly halfway through the year.   Pushups- I’ve been pretty consistently doing pushups every day

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Bean Counter iPhone App Review

Just wanted to share with y’all my new favorite iPhone app. It’s called “Bean – A Counting App”. 99 cents in the iTunes store, and well worth it. It’s a simple app that let’s you keep a running count of…

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Defensive Readiness Scale – Where do you rank?

I’m sure others that have come before me have their own versions of this, but here’s a handy 1-5 scale I made up that will help you honestly evaluate where you’re at when it comes to your readiness to defend

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Sell Some Stuff! "FIRE SALE", A Practical Annual Exercise…

So we’re 17 days into a new year, hopefully you’ve refreshed your list of goals by this point. Most goals require at least SOME money to accomplish, and money is one of the biggest barriers we have to accomplishing all

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Do Things Differently

Take a hard look at the way you live your life and find things that are inefficient, wasteful, and don’t make sense, and change them, even if you’re going against the flow of what “normal” is. Normal is usually pretty dumb

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5 Quarters- A Strategy for Personal Finance Success in 2011

Alright friends, let’s get serious about getting our financial houses in order. Now is the time for the 91% of you that are employed to pile up some capital. I believe the next couple of years will produce increasingly unbelievable buying opportunities for

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Reflections on Goal Setting and Money Making

I would like to take a moment to remind every one to set goals for their lives, and I encourage you to write them down and even post them in blog form for others to see and help hold you

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