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What if We Came Together?

What if we all stopped assuming what everyone else was thinking about us? What if we stopped isolating ourselves into our little pint size squeeze boxes for the devil to put in his lunch box and take to school each

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She thinks only of herself.Relentlessly comsuming and often consumed,Destined for more, a way has been made. Wrapped in a shroud of insignificance,A transformation is underway.The bonds that confine so tightly begin to fall away.The struggle brings her strength she’ll need

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A Work in Progress

Untitled when everything unravelswhen everything falls apartwhen the knife pulled from your back is plunged straight into your heart when you don’t feel like forgivinghis secret life goes on displayit’s not like you didn’t warn himyou should just leave him

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My first attempt at writing a worship song, let me know what you think. Release Your greatness is astounding;your beauty beyond compare.Come in and surround me.Take the burdens I can’t bear. Free my heart, free my mind.Release me with your

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