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If our homes are our biggest investment; we should buy/sell them like investments!

All these financial and real estate guru’s say, “Your home is the biggest investment you’ll ever make.” But 99% of the timing of people’s buying and selling their “biggest investment” is based on when it’s convenient for them based on

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How to Get Wealthy and Rich While Still Young

Disclaimer 1) First off, I’m not yet what I consider to be wealthy or rich yet (will define them both in a second), so take this post for what it is, a theory/philosophy from someone who has not yet achieved

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Take Personal Responsibility

This is a follow up to my last blog about how to do healthcare yourself. Shortly after I linked it on Facebook, I had a commenter tell me how it’s the Employer’s responsibility to provide healthcare, not theirs. Really? What if you’re

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An Entrepreneur’s How-To Guide to Family Healthcare

Forgive me friends but I need to rant for a second, then I’m going to give some very practical advice. I know way too many people that are around my age, with young families, not on government assistance, employed, but without

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Sally Buys a Toaster

Sally wants a toaster. She wants one that will toast up to 4 slices of bread at once, looks good in her kitchen, and can even do bagels. Her neighbor Jim hears about this in conversation with Sally and says, “Hey, you should buy

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Sell Some Stuff! "FIRE SALE", A Practical Annual Exercise…

So we’re 17 days into a new year, hopefully you’ve refreshed your list of goals by this point. Most goals require at least SOME money to accomplish, and money is one of the biggest barriers we have to accomplishing all

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Clint’s 2011 Investment Guide

Here are my three favorite places to put money in 2011. I look for common-sense, little to no-risk ways to protect against inflation, and ride current medium-range trends. Being a young, not-rich person, I also look for things easily accessible to everyone

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