I e-mail my toddlers and so should you.

Two things I do for each of my kids as soon as they’re born and we’ve picked their name:

1) I buy their .com domain if it’s available and put it on auto-renew. If it’s not available I get the most logical variation.

2) I get them an e-mail account that’s their name @gmail.com (or the closest available, logical variant).

Domain was a pretty obvious one for me. I highly value owning clintfiore.com and would feel weird if some stranger owned/controlled it, especially as someone who is aspiring to do big things in business and maybe even politics. I want to go ahead and secure the domains for my kids so they can do whatever they want with them when they’re ready.

But why the e-mail address? Well, it’s so I can e-mail them.

I like the idea of preserving memories of their childhood, and privately passing along wisdom and advice to them. I tried to think of the best and most convenient way to do this, and I saw problems with every other idea I had; Physical letters, notes, and scrapbooks are awesome and I think they’re very special, but I just very rarely write or create them. I don’t have paper/pens on me 24/7 as inspirations strikes, and they take time and require a certain formality. So bottom line I wouldn’t do nearly as many as I could via e-mail. Also, I trust I won’t lose e-mail and think it’s a safe bet Google and Gmail will be around in 10 years and I’ll never have to worry about storing them, organizing them, them being destroyed etc… I still may write letters to my kids occasionally, but it’s not a reliable g0-to for me for consistent little notes to them.

Social Media seems to be most people’s choice for preserving their kids’ memories. Social media is more for sharing your life with the world, not for sharing intimate things with your children. Additionally: 1) I don’t want to setup social media accounts for my kids when they’re babies. 2) I don’t 100% trust that Facebook will be the big thing it is now in 10 years, nor do I trust Facebook with all my personal/intimate stuff. 3) I want these notes/pics/memories to be just between parents and children, nobody else should see them, like them, or comment on them.

I’m at a computer all the time for work, and when I’m not I have a smart phone handy. I can quickly compose a message in seconds to one or all of my kids. Since it’s electronic I can attach pictures, documents, links, etc… Every message is stored automatically in my sent items, and in their inboxes. I log into my kids’ e-mail accounts 1-2 times per year just to make sure they stay active.

This makes it easy to share quick notes from my phone like this one from this morning that took literally 30 seconds or so, but I know will be very special to my daughter one day when she’s grown:

To: Sophia     Subject: My Morning Girl
You’re always the first kiddo up in the morning and you come downstairs by yourself and turn on a cartoon. I love seeing you and giving you a big huge before everyone else gets up. I’m downstairs drinking coffee and reading when you come down like a ray of sunshine. Look how cute you looked today with your headband. Love you morning girl!!!


My plan is by these little bitty, easy, 30 second commitments, regularly, over a decade or more of their childhood. They’ll end up with a huge love story from their father full of memories, anecdotes, advice, etc… that they will be able to cherish for life and even share with their kids. And as someone who has come close to dying before, I never want to put off doing something for tomorrow and say, “yeah I’ll write them some book or make a scrapbook once I get older and get time to do so”. No, this is too important and that strategy is too risky. Do little things now that will make a big difference later.

I haven’t decided when I’ll give them their e-mail addresses. Probably when they’re 13 or maybe 16.


What age do you think I should give them their accounts and passwords? Comment Below.

See any major problems with this plan? Comment Below.

Thanks for reading. Share this post if it inspired you to do the same for your kiddos.

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3 comments on “I e-mail my toddlers and so should you.
  1. Ian Moore says:


    I greatly appreciate and applaud your foresight and investment towards your children. This is something I too have thought upon, wondering of best means and such. While I think your approach is really good and have yet to subscribe to your approach, I wondered about a couple things:

    – Safe deposit boxes: I’m a fan of hardcopies and uncertain of how much I want to “upload” to be potentially searchable or discoverable by snooping third parties online. How plausible an option do you think a safe deposit box would be?

    – Contingency: What about the “what if’s”? Have you thought about the “in the event of [passing away]” scenarios and who might be able to have access or not? This would be more of a legal purview aspect, but still applicable I’d think.

    I still think it’s awesome what you’re aiming to do for your kids. There, I’d think, be that increasing level of trust and responsibility towards “gifting” access to those accounts – probably teen years, not sure.

    • clintfiore says:

      You make some great points Ian. As far as contingencies go all these email accounts my wife knows them and their passwords so she could steward them and continue them if something happened to me. But I think I will drop a note in with our will in our safety deposit box about them just in case something happened to both of us as well. Good thinking!

  2. papatwan says:

    Hi Clint. Thanks for sharing this bit of inspirational sincerity that blossomed in your gracious heart. Reading it Gave me that feeling in my heart that makes tears bubble up from within.

    I think this is such a beautiful idea…. and you standing by your values to share freely your great ideas, and how they will give you more great ideas (Karma) etc. shows character.

    You got my vote of approval and I am most certainly positive that your children are going to be so….I don’t know the word…Exonerated…maybe…ehh after dictionary query..IDK…Flattered….much more than that…..Blissful is how they will feel I think like these welling tears…

    It’s hard to know the best time to give them…maybe incrementally….not telling them it is an email account…you could give them a doc file….then later like 26 or something presenting them with the email address. It would be cool if they tried to get that email and couldn’t because it was taken already. I also think you will know your kids best and what maturity level they are at would be a determining factor maybe…..Great share though…thanks.

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