What is MeWe?

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I’ve been privileged to be working behind the scenes the last few months with the team bringing MeWe to the world.

Remember back when Myspace was cool and fun, a victory for free speech and expression of oneself, before it got taken over by obnoxious ads and was eventually killed by Facebook? Remember when Facebook used to be cool and have an exclusive feel to it as you connected with your classmates and family members, before it became a giant personal data vacuum and noisy time-wasting news-center and sold us out to advertisers?

It’s again time for something new. It’s time for a Revolution.

MeWe is the World’s Private Communication Network. You get all the fun, perks, and benefits of Social Media + Cloud Storage + Instant Communication apps, all on one integrated platform that works across desktop and mobile devices. SO think Facebook + Dropbox + Voxer/WhatsApp, all integrated, with Privacy built in. That’s where we’re headed with it.

MeWe was founded by a leading Privacy Advocate and has an industry-leading Privacy Bill of Rights and makes HUGE commitments to you as the user, like: You own your content, your data, your contact list, etc… it’s explicitly YOUR property. You control who can access your content, and what, if anything, you show to others in public searches. You have the right to easily download your content and delete your account at any time. There’s no creepy targeted ads, no cookies, no tracking, no spyware, no facial recognition, and no algorithms controlling your newsfeed. You are in complete control of your content and your experience on the platform. PS- All of this is also free of charge.

MeWe makes its revenues not by collecting and selling user data to advertisers (like Google, Facebook, et al…) Instead, they sell additional cloud storage space on top of the 8GB that’s free, offer you the ability to print photos (currently through Walgreens), and will have an App Store and Enterprise product in 2015. In other words, they have a plan to make money without YOU and YOUR DATA being the product they sell. MeWe believes its users should be the customer, not the product.

MeWe is yours to use your way, for your unique life. It works well for large groups as well as intimate relationships. The goal is to simplify your life, put you in control of your privacy, and provide a safe place where you can be your true self again with the audiences you choose. You can even link your existing Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts so you can push content onto those platforms when appropriate without leaving the MeWe environment; this makes transition extremely easy.

Check it out today and help spread the word.

Connect with me on MeWe here: mewe.com/i/clintfiore

Read Our latest Press Release 

Follow MeWe on Twitter: @MeWe and our CEO is @markweinstein

Intro / Teaser Video is below


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