2013 Personal Goals- 6 Month Checkup

Here’s a quick update on the 9 personal goals I’m tracking with my Bean iPhone App. This screenshot was taken late at night June 30th, exactly halfway through the year.



Pushups- I’ve been pretty consistently doing pushups every day and not stressing about hitting a particular number every day, just making sure my overall pace is getting me the numbers I need each month. I’ve noticed a big increase in upper body strength by adding this small habit consistently to my life.

Workouts- I got off to a slow start but an now working out consistently and am slightly ahead of pace of where I wanted to be. However, my gym just closed/relocated so I’m going to be doing at-home workouts the rest of the year and need to develop that strategy and habit starting in July if I will hit my annual goal. I’ve been doing a mix of weight lifting, walking, jogging, sprinting, racketball, kettle bells, fitness dvd’s, etc… thus far. I’m mixing things up by lifting a couple times per week and doing something that involves cardio or anaerobic exercise at least once per week, and adding in long hikes/walks up and down steep hills with kids in the jogging stroller.

Non-Paleo Meals- I had a HORRIBLE January and February and racked up way too many of these while traveling on business. Now that I’m home more I’ve been able to meal plan better and slow my pace down. Gradually I’m trying to get my workout number to surpass my non-paleo meal number. Even though I’m way over my pace in this category, if I can dial back to about 1 per week, I can still make my 2013 goal.

Weight Loss- Not much to say here, this is my worst category. Bottom line is you can’t out-workout the fork and spoon. Gotta eat better. What the number doesn’t say though is that I’ve gotten significantly stronger this year and have noticed my body composition changing for the better (more muscle), however, I still have plenty of fat to lose. I’m encouraged by the fact that at least I’m headed downwards, albeit slowly, where the last few years I had been increasing.

Bible Reading- I got off to a slow start here, but thanks to the Daily Audio Bible and incorporating audio Bible listening into my drives and walks, I’ve made a lot of progress catching up to my goal here the last couple months and anticipate succeeding in hitting my 700 chapter goal this year. It’s been great for my spiritual life getting the Word back into my life consistently. It’s one of the best habits I’ve re-developed this year through this project.

Date Nights- Slightly ahead of pace here. If that number seems low to most of you, yes it it, but I’m only counting nights where I have a babysitter for all 3 kids and Melissa and I can go do something just the two of us with no other agenda or distractions. These are very difficult to accomplish when we don’t have parents around our town to help with kids. We do get a lot of uncounted quality time together hanging out and watching movies and reading/talking together after we put the kids to bed, but that doesn’t show up in the counter of course.

Blog Posts- This one replaced a sales goal block I had since I’m no longer doing the sales job I was at the beginning of the year. I’m right on pace here and quite happy to be writing again.

Books Finished- My reading has HUGELY increased this year thanks to this category. I’m reading daily again and have been greatly enriched in my life by the books I’ve been reading including business books, finance books, spiritual books, and even a history book about WW2. I want to keep this habit going and definitely think I’ll achieve my goal here in 2013 of 12 books finished.

Training Days- Mission Accomplished! This was the first category I’ve completely fulfilled. I count training days as me going to special events or trainings one full day long that are teaching or training me in something I’m trying to learn.

Overall I’m very happy to be tracking these things and know I wouldn’t be near where I am today if I wasn’t counting and paying attention to these things. I’m excited to see how many of the remaining 8 I can achieve in the next 6 months and want to make this a habit-development tool I use every year as I continue working towards realizing greater potential in life.

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