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Defensive Readiness Scale – Where do you rank?

I’m sure others that have come before me have their own versions of this, but here’s a handy 1-5 scale I made up that will help you honestly evaluate where you’re at when it comes to your readiness to defend

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Sell Some Stuff! "FIRE SALE", A Practical Annual Exercise…

So we’re 17 days into a new year, hopefully you’ve refreshed your list of goals by this point. Most goals require at least SOME money to accomplish, and money is one of the biggest barriers we have to accomplishing all

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Clint’s 2011 Investment Guide

Here are my three favorite places to put money in 2011. I look for common-sense, little to no-risk ways to protect against inflation, and ride current medium-range trends. Being a young, not-rich person, I also look for things easily accessible to everyone

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Tragic Deaths in America Every Single Day Statistics

It’s easy to watch the hot story of any particular moment of whichever tragedy has captured the media’s spotlight and be misguided into out of proportion emotional responses. I have gathered some statistics to help put things in perspective. TRAGEDY

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