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Advice On Advice

Brothers and Sisters, Most people in this world do not weigh their big decisions based on “Kingdom” thinking. Please realize this when you are receiving advice or wrestling with a tough decision. I’ve always marveled at how casual acquaintences and

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Do Things Differently

Take a hard look at the way you live your life and find things that are inefficient, wasteful, and don’t make sense, and change them, even if you’re going against the flow of what “normal” is. Normal is usually pretty dumb

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Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Mosin-Nagant!

What’s a Mosin Nagant you ask? It’s a huge, old-school bolt-action rifle made by the millions in Russia, WWII Era. Here’s a whole bunch of reasons why I believe you are a stupid person if you don’t buy at least one of them.

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